December is always a great time to look back and reflect on the year.  It’s pretty easy to think about the successes, failures, challenges, and triumphs both personal and professional.  Bit how often do you consider what you put into your head?

Professional development should never stop.  The second you think you know it all, you begin to decline rapidly.  Real professional development is never cheap.  There is always a significant investment of time and/or money.  If you do it right, the ROI is always worth it.

In 2009, I spent well over $11,000 on workshops, colleges, resources, and travel expenses.  I traveled to Providence, RI, Newport, RI, and Las Vegas twice for professional development opportunities.  I purchased teleconferences, systems, books, and CD’s.  I gained knowledge from experts like Alan Weiss, Patricia Fripp, and Darren LaCroix.  I passed the third leg of a five part program to receive a designation in risk management.  And what was my return on investment?  It was huge from a standpoint of current and future income and growth.  My intellectual capital increased thus making it easier for my community to improve.  It’s a win-win-win!

What about you?  What did you accomplish in this area last year?  Where will you go in 2010?

Next stop for me…San Francisco for Alan Weiss’s Mentor Summit!


Speaking to Influence Workshop – October 1-2

Registration is now open for my Speaking to Influence Workshop on October 1-2 at the Clearwater Casino Hotel in beautiful Suquamish, WA.  To learn more, click on the navigation button above for the workshop.  To hear how business professionals like you gained value last year, check out the video below…


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Twitter Twaining Teleconference

Are you confused about how Twitter works?  Several friends I have on Facebook are.  They asked me to help them identify its uses for business.  That sounded like a good idea so “VIOLA!”

On April 22nd, I will be holding a teleseminar on how to effectively and efficiently use Twitter to enhance, grow, and/or brand your business.  You will learn how to integrate it with Facebook for added value.  Your investment is only $15 and includes an MP3 download after the event.  If you can’t make it live, you still get the MP3 to listen to.  Only 50 lines are available so don’t wait.

P.S.  Here’s my bonus for the first 20 who register – You get my educational CD Panic to Power: Swift & Simple Strategies Anyone Can Use.  That’s a $20 value by itself.  What are you waiting for?  Register to Tweet today!  Go to my Featured Items page to learn more or click here to register now.


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Professional Development – Is it in you?

The famous branding by Gatorade – Is It In You?  The same can be asked in business.  The best way to get “it in you” is through professional development.  Tomorrow, I fly to Rhode Island for a two-day seminar with the “Rock Star of Consulting” Alan Weiss.  I’ve been a part of Alan’s mentor program for 5 months and now I’m anxious to gain more wisdom in person.

For the past few years, I’ve started my year out with education.  In February of 2008, I went to a workshop presented by Darren LaCroix and Craig Valentine on effective storytelling.  It changed how I presentd and taught forever.  I am confident that this workshop will provide the same results.

What about you?  What are you doing to improve yourself and your career?

Professional development – Is It In You?



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The Value of Developing Your Skills

2008 Varsity Speaking Academy Team PictureWhen was the last time you spent a day and a half working on your presentation skills and finding ways to earn more money through your knowledge?  For the nine members of my Varsity Speaking Academy, it was just this past week. 

Regardless of your vocation or career, you have intellectual property that is going to be valuable for someone else.  Intellectual property is your knowledge, experience, resources, and strategies that you’ve either lived or created.  What impact can you have on others?

During the Academy, these fine folks were able to brainstorm ideas and help each other to focus on what value they can provide to others in their different fields of business or life.  There was an exhilarating feeling of being able to not only learn what you can do, but to help others achieve their dreams.

It’s way too early to start thinking about 2009 “resolutions” so just start now.  Find opportunities to increase your development as a professional.  Keep an eye out over the next month for my upcoming educational sessions.  You will be glad you joined!

Participantsof our 2008 Varsity Speaking Academy are: (Back row) Lawrence Garrett Jr., Maureen Lander, Meg Collier, Todd Herzog, Laurenzo Thomas, Mindy Byers, and Doug Petch.  (Front row) Taliesha Garrett, Brenda Prowse, Dan Weedin, and Roger Zabinski

A fine looking group if I do say so myself…