Libby and Dan – Episode 3

The third of three in a series of Libby Wagner and Dan Weedin addressing the Greater Seattle Chamber of Commerce on going from “recession to recovery.” This segment includes the topics of leadership and attitude…

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Libby and Dan Part 2 – Time Management & Speaking

This is the second of a three-part series with Libby Wagner and Dan Weedin from their presentation at the Seattle Chamber of Commerce last month. This episode focuses on time management techniques from Libby and speaking strategies from Dan.

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From Recession to Recovery – Libby Wagner and Dan Weedin

Watch Master Mentors Libby Wagner and Dan Weedin present at the Greater Seattle Chamber of Commerce on how to take your business from recession to recovery. This is “Part 1” of a three-part series taking the best of this 75-minute presentation.

Testimonials from Libby & Dan at the Seattle Chamber

It’s always valuable to find out what your audience takes away from your presentation. Libby Wagner and I presented a program at the Seattle Chamber of Commerce titled, “Recession to Recovery: Entrepreneurial Strategies for Business Acceleration.” Here are a few of the comments and testimonials from those who were there:

“Shook me into realization I’ve gotten stale.”

“What was discussed is immediately usable and implementable.”

“There are many resources for help; this put some much needed creative wind in my sails.”

“Great information on building your network and prospect list and time management.”

“It affirmed some of the paradigm shifts I’ve been undergoing. Reinforced and encouraged me that I’m on the right track.”

“Good fresh ideas, especially for personal development.”

“Helped clarify and better understand some key strategies for growing business.”

“It helped identify gaps in my current operations that are keeping me from expanding.”

On behalf of Libby, we would like to thank all the participants and of course the Greater Seattle Chamber of Commerce. The chamber is an excellent way to get the professional development you need, as witnessed by these folks. If you’re not a member yet and you’re in the Greater Seattle area, why not?

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Highlights from Seattle Chamber Event

Yesterday, my friend Libby Wagner and I presented a program to a terrific group of business professionals at the Greater Seattle Chamber Focus On series. Our topic was “From Recession to Recovery,” and we tackled issues related to leadership, personal growth, marketing, sales, branding, and life balance. After the meeting, several people came over to chat with us and I typically ask what they most valued from the program. Here are a few responses…

  • Have three personal and three professional priorities or goals each day. Focus on those and get them done first. Doing this will enhance how you manage your time and stress.
  • Ask for referrals early and often. This will keep your pipeline full.
  • Call three people each day – clients, prospects, referrals. Offer value, ask for referrals, see how they are doing, etc. By keeping in contact, you leverage your ability to increase opportunities.
  • Be “wholehearted” in your work. Be passionate and share that passion with others.
  • Building strong relationships is critical to success professionally and personally. Find a variety of ways to do this in your career and life.
  • Be specific in your language. In order to be an effective “influencer,” you must be clearly heard and understood.
  • Speak, publish, network, and use social media to get your message out to the masses. The more people who need what you do/sell/service/provide, the more opportunities to help them and you.
  • Now is the time to take risks, step out of the box, or reinvent yourself. Have courage and confidence in your abilities.

Many thanks to the Seattle Chamber of Commerce, out guests, and to Libby. It was an excellent day and we hopefully will be invited back to do it again!

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Calling All Entreprenuers and Business Pros – Go from Recession to Recovery with Dan and Libby

If you are an entrepreneur, service professional, or small business owner in the Greater Puget Sound region, mark your calendars for July 14, 2010!

Join Dan Weedin and Libby Wagner at the Seattle Chamber for Focus On! Recession to Recovery: Entrepreneurial Strategies for Business Acceleration.

The road to recovery need not be long. In fact, it’s in your best interest to accelerate it! Dan and Libby will share with you their road-map to help your business be in position to come out of this recession with dramatic growth, tremendous confidence and improved employee morale.

What you will learn:

  • Strategies for leading yourself first
  • Characteristics that separate leaders who soar from leaders who struggle
  • Keys for managing and mastering your time
  • “Can’t miss” techniques to build your prospect pipeline
  • Marketing strategies that are painless, profitable and ready to implement today
  • Relationship-building techniques to help you quickly add new clients and create long-term evangelists for you
  • You will walk away with clear strategies and techniques to turbo-charge your business down that road to recovery and get to the finish line before everyone else.

    Take advantage of this unique opportunity to learn from two consultants who are accredited by world-renown consultant, Alan Weiss of Million Dollar Consultant “Master Mentors.”

    We’ll provide practical strategies, insightful tips, and an entertaining time. Not only that, you get a terrific LUNCH!!

    Click here for full details.

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    Dan Weedin at Safeco Field

    “And now batting cleanup…”

    In my dreams. I’d be better suited for cleaning up Safeco Field than hitting cleanup! However, I will be at the ball park this afternoon emceeing the Greater Seattle Chamber of Commerce After Hours. If you are in the greater Seattle-area, drop by Safeco Field at 5:30 for a fun evening of networking, prizes, and baseball.

    Hope to see you there.