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Extra Points – April Fools Day

April 1, 2013 Leave a comment

Fools Gold                   

 April Fools Day.

One of my favorite days, especially because it’s my wife’s birthday. I’ve always teased her because she is an April Fools baby and I was a New Years Eve baby, which means everyone parties on my birthday, and plays practical jokes on hers. Fortunately, she sees the humor in it and can laugh along with me. Believe me, I give her plenty of ammunition to poke fun at me!

I remember years ago (back in the mid-1980s), Sports Illustrated ran a featured story on a pitcher by the name of Sidd Finch.  The Curious Case of Sidd Finch was written by prize-winning journalist, George Plimpton and chronicled the unbelievable story of this guy who had a 168 mph fastball and was trying to make the New York Mets staff. It was a 14-page article that caught like wildfire (in the non-Internet dark days). Of course, it was a hoax, but as is the case with much jocularity when the propaganda is so outlandish, many people fell for it only to be told, “April Fools Day!” One of my favorite stories almost 30 years later.

The ability to laugh at one’s self is priceless. It’s actually not fool’s gold, but the real McCoy. In good times and challenging times, laughter and humor can save us from despair, depression, and disgust. Being able to laugh at yourself instead of someone else is a true test of your ability to have humor. I hope this April Fools Day, you will take some time out of the day to have a hearty laugh and a full sense of humor.

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This week’s quote –
“A fool and his money are easily parted.”
–  Mark Twain

Laughter is the Best Medicine

December 22, 2010 Leave a comment

As many of you might know, my father has had some serious health issues of late. If you’ve ever gone through it, the result to the rest of the family is a lot of stress and anxiety to deal with. Laughter helps.

Last night at our Toastmasters Christmas Party, we did a white elephant table topics gift exchange. While everyone was terrific, one member, Jim, brought the house down. Jim found a hilarious way to engage everyone and make us all roll with laughter. For me and my wife, this was excellent medicine!

When you find yourself in times of stress and anxiety, find a way to get humor in your day. A funny movie or TV show; a humorous book; or a Toastmasters meeting! Laughter is after all, the best medicine!

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New Humorous Speech

October 4, 2009 2 comments

Check out the humorous speech I gave on Friday night at the Toastmasters District 32 Comedy Showcase.  I apologize for the poor lighting.  That is Rule #1 for video recording!  Let me know what you think…

Go Ahead & Laugh Now Available

June 27, 2009 Leave a comment

I am thrilled to be a contributing author to a brand new book on how to help you add humor to every presentation you give.  Go Ahead & Laugh: A Serious Guide to Speaking with Humor is now available on this site.  Look right at the top of this page and you will find a navigation bar with “Go Ahead & Laugh.”  That’s your clue as to where to find it!

Hard copy books are due out in August but you can pre-order them now and receive a bonus.  In addition, you can get a jump start on that next presentation by purchasing your e-Book today!

Many thanks to Rich Hopkins for asking me to be one of the fantastic authors of this book.

I hope you will make an investment in your speaking by adding humor to effectively deliver your message.  Pick up Go Ahead & Laugh today!



Bob Newhart Classic

April 17, 2009 Leave a comment

Somehow he gets right to the point.  Maybe we as consultants can learn a thing or two:)

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Ever Had One of These Clients?

July 26, 2008 Leave a comment

Unfortunately…this happens!  Don’t let it happen to you…


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