Extra Points: Hydrating Your Business & Career

Dan Weedin Unleashed-40I hate drinking water. Okay, maybe that’s a little hyperbolic, but the truth is I get bored with it. I become very aware, especially during the summer, when I’m falling behind on my water-intake. I try keeping a log of how much water I’m drinking and it lasts for a few days and then I get tired of that. Sounds like a lot of whining, right? I just wish I could substitute coffee all day long for the hydrating effects! (And yes, I’ve done sparkling water, flavored water, cucumber and basil-infused water,etc. It’s still just water…)

I’m pretty good at watering the plants every night, especially with as hot as it’s been lately. I can tell every night that they are eagerly awaiting their hydration. Without it, they won’t last long. While we as humans in first world countries won’t take it to a point that we die, lack of hydration does severely impact our decision-making, energy, and level of efficiency and performance. This isn’t going to be a health message, but if you as business professionals take that away, then we’ve already been successful.

Bottom line, we need proper levels of hydration to properly function and be healthy. We must be alert to this need and disciplined in it’s implementation. Likewise, we must be alert and disciplined in hydrating our businesses and careers. Here’s how…

Every business requires a regular “hydration” of new ideas; innovation and creativity; and intentional change that throws out obsolete practices and replaces them with the aforementioned new and innovative ideas. CEOs become just as complacent as me not hydrating with water when they become bored and apathetic without knowing it’s happening. They get caught in the trap of being satisfied that things are going “okay” because nothing bad happens. The dehydration process is well underway when that happens! Creating a culture of innovation and new ideas must be intentional and a daily part of the workday process. If it’s not, a company will quickly find itself dried out of good ideas and good people.

On an individual note, check your own hydration level. If you find yourself bored with your work, lacking energy and enthusiasm, and simply slogging through the motions, you are badly dehydrated! It’s time to infuse some hydration in your career. That will be the topic of next week’s Extra Points.

In the meantime business owners, refresh yourself and your business by digging deep from the well of intellectual capital that is already in your organization. You’ll be glad you did! Now go get a glass of water…

Quote of the Week:

”Consistency is the last refuge of the unimaginative.”

~ Oscar Wilde

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Would you like help “hydrating” your leadership development strategy for your company? Need help getting your organization to a higher state of resiliency and profitable growth? Then call me and let’s schedule a meeting to talk. I’m confident I can help you and your business unleash your potential and profits.

How Comfy Are Your Shoes?


I just bought a new pair of running shoes. The old ones had a puncture hole in one of the heels where the “air support” was supposed to be. Needless to say, without the full support, the shoes didn’t work as well and actually reduced my effectiveness and made me more prone to injury.

How comfy are your business “shoes?”

You may be doing things and behaving in ways that you have for years without change. While these activities and behaviors once worked, they may be losing their “air support” because they are now obsolete and deflated. The risk to you is stagnation and injury to your brand and ability to grow.

Example – You always used a direct mailing piece to get the word out about your company’s services or products. For years, the US Postal Service got the news out to the world about you. Even though technology has made it easier, more effective, and more inexpensive to get the word out, you still spend time and money on direct mail becasue you may have 3 sales a year attributed to it. You can find other examples around your web site, newsletter, and even the products and services you offer. If you’ve not created anything new in the past 5 years, you’re the one that’s obsolete!

The bottom line is you need to identify the 20th century tools you’re still using and then switch over to the 21st century. This is a great time of the year for that type of candid self-assessment. I had to do it with my running shoes. Are you ready to assess how your business is running?

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