Change Management – Check out my new web presence

Change is inevitable and necessary. As your business and career develops, it’s essential that you keep your web presence update. I think this is iteration #4 since 2005 when I started, but who’s counting, right? I’m thankful for having a tremendous partner in Jennergy, Inc. Jenn Putnam, Alan Luder, and Chris Blair simply rock! This post is to keep you apprised of my changes and how you can gain value. I believe the new presence is more user friendly, offers more solutions for you, and shoes a sleeker me (minus 13 pounds)! That’s always important;)

Here are the changes you can check out…

1. Revised home page. This is basically landing page for you to go find exactly what you need in consulting, speaking, mentoring, or resources.

2. Revised consulting page. Find new programs on crisis leadership, testimonials, free resources, and more.

3. Mentoring. I’m one of only 33 accredited Master Mentors in the world for Alan Weiss. If you’re a consultant and want to be part of the best professional community in the world, contact me.

4. Insurance professionals. I help insurance professionals dramatically accelerate their business growth, enhance their careers, and help them improve life balance.

5. Linked In. See my revised Linked In profile. I left this stagnant for too long and it grew stale. I hope you find this a better guide to learn more about me. Feel free to reach out and add me as a contact.

6. Free resources. Find your way through many articles, white papers, and interviews to save you time, money, and frustration on your insurance, or to become a better speaker and entrepreneur.

I always welcome your comments and suggestions.

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Who Does Your Web Site Serve?

In most business organizations, especially professional services, it’s incumbent on the business to make life easy for the customer or client, not the other way around.

I found that my newly designed “landing page” was in need of some work because it didn’t do a good job of making life easy for those who “landed” there. With valuable advice from my community and professionals I trusted, I swiftly did a re-design on this site to make it more of a table of contents for all the services and value I offer.  (Many thanks to Jenn Putnam and Jennergy)

View my new page

The re-design allows visitors to quickly scan areas of interest and decide where they want to go next.  And, yes, this will continue to be a work in progress.  Cyberspace requires fluidity.  My Speaking to Influence web site is next on my agenda to revamp, and plans are underway.  But, I digress…

What about you?  When was the last time you cleaned up your web site?  In today’s world, I can’t imagine going past 12 months!  Things change, you change, your services change, and most importantly, what your client and customers want and need from you change.

Here’s your weekend homework – go to your web site and start imagining what it would look like ideally.  Even if you’ve just made changes, fast forward in your head for future innovation.  In this rapidly evolving business world we find ourselves in, you can never allow yourself to get behind the 8-ball.

Then, after you’ve made a mental picture of your newly designed site, take action.  Create a game plan and time-line for completion. You don’t have to (and shouldn’t) do this alone.  But get started no matter what you do.  Remember, this is your 24/7 brochure, resource center, and store front.  It should reflect you and your business.

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Google Alerts

If you’re not already doing so, it’s important that you have a process to alert you when your name, brand, or company is being mentioned on the Internet.  I use “Google Alerts.” It’s a free service where you use keywords to alert you when your name, brand, or company is being used online.  For instance, I am alerted daily on keywords “Dan Weedin” and “Toro Consulting.”   I also keyword my brand, “Insurance Go2Guy.”  Here are a few reasons why:

  1. You may have been mentioned in an interview and didn’t know it.
  2. Someone may be using your intellectual property – with or without permission!
  3. Someone may be saying something good or bad about you.
  4. Someone may be giving you attribution.

In addition, if you’ve got a name that might be commonly misspelled, alert yourself to that.  I was given this tip by my web designer, Jenn Putnam. Jenn’s advice paid off last week.  I was interviewed recently by a freelance journalist on renters insurance for business.  I never heard back until I noticed it on Google Alerts.  He had inadvertently misspelled my last name – Weeden.  Because I used “Dan Weeden” as a keyword it picked it up and I learned I was quoted in an article that appeared in the American Express OPEN Forum for Business Owners.  Read the Article Here

Bottom line – make sure you know where you show up on the Internet.