Libby & Dan Are Back with a New Podcast Series

libby_wagner_poet_009_lowres_crop_2Dan Weedin

He’s the insurance “go to guy” with loads of sports metaphors; she’s the poet emphasizing empathy. They couldn’t possibly be more different, but Libby and Dan have a few things in common: improving their clients’ conditions and helping leaders and entrepreneurs make the most of their business lives by paying attention to what matters most. Looking to maximize your talents and enrich your life in 2014? Of course you are….keep reading!

Nationally recognized executive coaches Libby Wagner & Dan Weedin reprise their work together on this podcast series aimed at helping business leaders and executives thrive professionally and personally. In this inaugural episode, Libby and Dan will be discussing, debating, and answering questions about how to get a lightning fast start in 2014, while deepening your commitment and engagement in your lives.

The inaugural podcast is called, Right-foot Forward, and will focus on goals and strategies for taking off in 2014.  Since the podcast isn’t being aired live, they need your help. Send them your questions regarding how to maximize your goal setting and strategy work for 2014 to (or to their new social media sites) and they will answer them on the podcast. The podcast will be made available to the public for free shortly after it’s recorded on December 17th. All your questions will become crystal clear!

Bottom line – get your best questions in now. Libby and Dan are prepared to offer answers and solutions (although they are likely to use different methods) to assure you getting all you can out of the upcoming year.

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Both Libby and Dan are Master Mentors for the Alan Weiss Global Consulting Community and inductees of the Million Dollar Consulting™ Hall of Fame.


Libby & Dan Redux: Episode 3 – More Value Based Fees

Dan Weedin waxing poetic on the importance of finding out objectives of your prospect in determining fees. From the work and brain of Libby and Dan’s mentor, Alan Weiss. Alan is the author of Million Dollar Consulting and 40+ other books, including several on Value Based fees.

The NW Master Mentor events are uplifting, entertaining and enlightening. The knowledge and information that I have learned is priceless. Libby and Dan’s presentation hit home with me in a very personal and introspective way. It was an excellent workshop all the way around, and I can’t wait for the next one.
Tess Wong – Seattle

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Libby & Dan Redux: Episode 1 – Value Based Fees


Dan Weedin talking Value based Fees at the Libby & Dan event on June 21st. The topic comes from the works and brains of Alan Weiss. Libby and Dan are Master Mentors for Alan.

If you are in the professional service business, especially as a consultant, coach, or speaker, watch this (and the remaining series). Hourly billing is bad for your clients and you. Find out why…


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Libby & Dan – Taking It to the Next Level – June 21st in Seattle

Join us for this workshop to help you accelerate growth in your business. Main topics include:

  • Value-based fees
  • Improving self-confidence
  • Life balance techniques
  • Leveraging social media, and
  • Building strong relationships.
  • Plus, we throw in lunch!

All for the small investment of $99. Don’t miss it! Register today!

P.S. Okay…I learned a lesson about video and the iPad!

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Another Rave Review on Libby & Dan

I always like getting good news, and happy clients are always good news!

Mark Walters, a terrific value-based attorney who attended last week, had this to say about his experience….

Lawyers like me attend continuing legal education courses to stay on top of the law and legal trends.  I attend business training workshops to sharpen my  business skills and knowledge.  This helps me stay strong as a trusted adviser to my clients, and it helps me grow my business.  This was a fantastic workshop and everyone took away far more value than the cost of admission.  I won’t miss Dan and Libby’s next event.  

Thanks, Mark! The next Libby & Dan session is scheduled for June 21st in Seattle. Registration details are forthcoming. Stay tuned!

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Press Release – Libby & Dan



The Consultant Mentors of the Northwest Kick of 2012 for Business Leaders

Seattle-area consultants hold first collaborative event

Poulsbo, WA (February 20, 2012) – Dan Weedin and Libby Wagner held their inaugural event titled, “Libby & Dan,” at the Washington Athletic Club in downtown Seattle on February 15th. The event was attended by 24 consultants, executive coaches, and business professionals from around the Greater Seattle area.

The full-day workshop was aimed at helping business leaders to accelerate their professional growth. Topics included visioning, marketing gravity, value proposition, branding, and best practices. Diane Zakrajsek from Seattle said, “The information and your expertise was priceless!” David Dallaire from Bellevue said the workshop was a “home run!” Earl Bell from Seattle called the event, “Simply awesome!”
The next workshop will be held at the Washington Athletic Club on June 21st. Registration information will be announced soon.
Dan Weedin and Libby Wagner have been personally trained by Dr. Alan Weiss as Master Mentors in his global consulting community. They are two of only 35 consultants in the world so accredited. Dr. Weiss is the author of Million Dollar Consulting, The Consultants Bible, and over 35 other business and consulting books.

For more information, contact Dan Weedin at (360) 271-1592; (360) 824-8100 (fax); or Please also visit our website at

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Libby and Dan
Libby Wagner

Buy Libby Wagner’s Book today and Get Great ROI

The Influencing Option

In a profit culture, influencing beats commanding, controlling or ordering… every time!

And winning over your team is better than ordering or pushing them around.

But how to actually talk to your people with a language and philosophy that works for the long-term, supporting integrity and driving commitment? And without relying on conflict, heavy-handed authority or guilt?

Never fear, a new book The Influencing Option: The Art of Building a Profit Culture in Business by Libby Wagner just out from Global Professional Publishing can show you how. Candor and specificity, the book explains, should be your guiding lights.

With the huge loss of faith in leaders today and so many gross violations of ethical conduct popping up all around us, leading with integrity is a must for instilling a “commitment culture” that is at once transparent, participatory and sustainable. Thus to drive a continuously growing and superior profit culture today, influencing is the only way.

But do Libby’s ideas have traction in the marketplace? See what this sample of prominent business experts and executives has to say:

“If business is art and science, then who better than a consultant and poet to synergize the traits? Libby Wagner’s The Influencing Option is a tour de force!” 
– Alan Weiss, PhD, Author, Million Dollar Consulting and Thrive

“Libby has dedicated her life’s work to understanding the importance of working with people to help them better influence and lead more abundant and successful lives. She presents a true gift for those willing to open their hearts and minds to her message.” 
– Laurie Ruffner, Client Partner, The Ken Blanchard Companies

“Libby has helped my management team move from an unproductive, untrusted laughing stock to a respected, high-performing team. Trust, morale and productivity have all soared due to her influencing options approach. Hers is not flavor-of-the-month stuff but a process that transforms individual and team character with application at both work and home. I regret not understanding these principles earlier in my life and career.” 
– Michael Hassing, CEO, Family Health Centers

Ready to learn how to do it at your own firm? If you purchase The Influencing Option: The Art of Building a Profit Culture in Business by Libby Wagner on Thursday June 9 at, you’ll not only reap the book’s benefits but you’ll also be entitled to a bonus list of valuable professional gifts offered by a formidable array of B2B business experts… at no extra charge!

Bonus gifts will include tip sheets, books, articles, videos and more! But remember, these complimentary bonus gifts are yours only if you purchase The Influencing Option (print version or Kindle) on Thursday June 9 from Amazon. My gift is a complimentary audio of my recent teleconference on Crisis Leadership.

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