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Alan & DanThe most successful people have high-powered coaches and mentors. Period.

My mentor is Million Dollar Consulting ™ author, Alan Weiss. He’s been instrumental in helping me grow both professionally and personally. I’ve worked with him since 2008.

What about you? Whom do you turn to when you need advice; need to practice; need to vent; need to improve? I don’t know about you, but my dogs aren’t interested in these types of conversations. If you’re a business leader/executive; solo practitioner; speaker. professional service provider or just someone who desperately wants to get better, and you don’t have a coach or mentor, what are you waiting for?

Invest in yourself first. The rest will come…

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Libby & Dan Are Back with a New Podcast Series

libby_wagner_poet_009_lowres_crop_2Dan Weedin

He’s the insurance “go to guy” with loads of sports metaphors; she’s the poet emphasizing empathy. They couldn’t possibly be more different, but Libby and Dan have a few things in common: improving their clients’ conditions and helping leaders and entrepreneurs make the most of their business lives by paying attention to what matters most. Looking to maximize your talents and enrich your life in 2014? Of course you are….keep reading!

Nationally recognized executive coaches Libby Wagner & Dan Weedin reprise their work together on this podcast series aimed at helping business leaders and executives thrive professionally and personally. In this inaugural episode, Libby and Dan will be discussing, debating, and answering questions about how to get a lightning fast start in 2014, while deepening your commitment and engagement in your lives.

The inaugural podcast is called, Right-foot Forward, and will focus on goals and strategies for taking off in 2014.  Since the podcast isn’t being aired live, they need your help. Send them your questions regarding how to maximize your goal setting and strategy work for 2014 to (or to their new social media sites) and they will answer them on the podcast. The podcast will be made available to the public for free shortly after it’s recorded on December 17th. All your questions will become crystal clear!

Bottom line – get your best questions in now. Libby and Dan are prepared to offer answers and solutions (although they are likely to use different methods) to assure you getting all you can out of the upcoming year.

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Both Libby and Dan are Master Mentors for the Alan Weiss Global Consulting Community and inductees of the Million Dollar Consulting™ Hall of Fame.


Announcing Alan Weiss Visit to the Pacific Northwest!

My professional mentor, Alan Weiss, will be conducting one of his Almost Free events here in Seattle on May 2nd. Registration is now online and ready to roll! Register by clicking here

Alan is the author of well over 40 books related to solo practitioner consulting, most notably Million Dollar Consulting. His events are full of tremendous value for consultants. Here is a sneak peak of what you will walk away from this “almost fee” event with…

Whether you are beginning in the profession or a veteran needing a boost, you’ll find a fast-paced, entertaining, and pragmatic session that will include:

  • Finding buyers in times of volatility.
  • Framing buyers’ issues quickly.
  • Isolating your highest potential constituency and achieving high penetration.
  • Creating a fast track to your highest fees for clients.
  • Improving self-esteem.
  • Improving use of time.
  • Overcoming the four primary objections.
  • Improving the “language of the sale.”
  • Creating “bullet proof” proposals, based on my new book Million Dollar Proposals.

To register and reserve your spot, click here. The events I’ve gone to in Boston and Los Angeles have sold out. Space is limited, so don’t delay. Your investment of $125 will be returned to you exponentially. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.

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Free Teleconference – My Interview with Alan Weiss on Thought Leadership

Alan Weiss

Join me for this power-packed teleconference with my special guest, Alan Weiss. The topic of my interview is fundamentals around thought leadership for as an expert in your field. Alan will offer insight and suggestions on how to quickly and powerfully position yourself as a thought leader to attain greater brand credibility, and to drive business to you.

January 29, 2013 – 8:00-8:30 AM (Pacific)

Register (Space limited to 100 participants)

Alan is the author of Million Dollar Consulting, The Consultant’s Bible, and another 46 books on solo consulting. His mentor community numbers well over 1,000 consultants worldwide. He is “One of the most highly respected independent consultants in the country,” according to the New York Post. His weekly Common Sense Consulting video series is nearing 1,000 subscribers.

Dan Weedin

Dan Weedin is one of less than 40 consultants in the world accredited as one of Alan’s “Master Mentors.” He founded his consulting practice in 2005, helping business owners and organizations dramatically improve their ability to avoid, mitigate, and respond to crisis. He has been a Master Mentor since 2010. He was recently inducted into the Million Dollar Consultant Hall of Fame by Alan Weiss.

This 20-minute teleconference will be free to attend, but space is limited to 100 people. You must register to save your “seat.” All registered participants will be entered in a drawing for a free 30-minute phone/Skype coaching session from Dan Weedin.


50 Reasons to Call Your Mentor

Collaborated on by Robbie Kellman Baxter and Dan Weedin, both accredited “Master Mentors” for Alan Weiss, author of Million Dollar Consulting, the Consultants Bible and about 40 other books on consulting….

Are you being mentored or coached and don’t know why or when to call your mentor? It’s funny that I sometimes hear this from the consultants that I coach and mentor. Robbie has, too. They get so caught up in their everyday “grind,” that they lose focus on when to get help. To that end, Robbie and I have come up with 50 reasons to call your mentor. That should keep you, and us, busy!

From Robbie Kellman Baxter – website

1.    To prioritize your next steps
2.    To role play an important conversation
3.    To figure out what went wrong, after the event
4.    To review your new website
5.    To review your book proposal
6.    To review your plan to market your book
7.    To figure out how to package value at different price points
8.    To increase your value and decrease your labor intensity
9.    To think bigger
10. To figure out how to fire your worst clients
11. To review your Objectives, Measures, and Values before you send out the proposal
12. To make sure that you use subcontractors effectively
13. To figure out when and if you should collaborate with another consultant
14. To price a project
15. To strengthen your value proposition
16. To plot how to reinvent yourself
17. For practical tips on technology
18. When you’re ready to start building your brand as a thought leader
19. When you need a little push
20. When your project hits a major bump
21. When your client hasn’t paid you
22. When you need language to ask a client for a referral
23. To help you get organized
24. To prep for a speaking engagement
25. To share your successes!

From Dan Weedin – website

26. To help you manage your time

27. To answer question on how to maintain good life balance

28. When you need a confidence boost

29. To get a second opinion

30. When you’re feeling anxious or scared

31. When something worked and you want to learn how to replicate it

32. To review your demo video

33. To help you get better referrals

34. When you need something clarified or defined

35. To learn how to get past a gatekeeper

36. To learn how to overcome objections

37. When you need to vent

38. When you need a sounding board

39. To review your articles, white papers, and executive briefs

40. To help you create intellectual property

41. To review your marketing material

42. When you need the right answer to your biggest concern fast

43. To gain confidence before you walk in the door to a new prospect

44. When you need to hear the truth

45. When you need to learn how to run a webinar or teleconference

46. When you don’t know the answer

47. Before you send the email response to make sure it’s good

48. To help you learn how to effectively network

49. To help you create press releases

50. To guide you towards valuable resources


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The “Official” Announcement

Dan Weedin Inducted into Million Dollar Consultant™ Hall of Fame

Dan Weedin
Poulsbo, WA (November 15, 2012) – Dan Weedin, a Seattle-area based insurance consultant, executive coach, and speaker, was formally inducted into the Million Dollar Consultant™ Hall of Fame on November 13th. He was one of five consultants of diverse disciplines to be awarded this honor.

Alan Weiss, Ph.D. announced the honors during his annual Mentor Summit held at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in San Francisco, CA. Dr. Weiss is the author of Million Dollar Consulting and over 40 other books in the field of consulting, coaching, and speaking. He conducts a global mentoring program for consultants and holds multiple awards in the consulting and speaking professions.

Criteria for being inducted in this elite group include:

• Serving as an exemplar to others in the profession.
• Manifesting the highest levels of integrity, ethics, and accountability.
• Achieving significant annual revenue and profit improvement.
• Contributing intellectual capital to the consulting profession.
• Engaging in continuing, challenging, personal and professional development.
• Taking prudent risk and demonstrating resilience.

Alan Weiss says, “Dan Weedin exemplifies our Hall of Fame through his generous sharing, community support, business growth, and high integrity. He is constantly asking, ‘How can I help my clients improve?’ trusting that that will always provide positive rewards for him, as well.”

Also inducted in this class are Scott Wintrip (St. Petersburg, FL), Steven Bleistein (Tokyo), Bart Sayle (United Kingdom), and Judy Chan (San Francisco). Honorees are chosen from the global participants in the Private Roster Mentor Program, which number well over 1,000.

Weedin is an expert in crisis leadership and insurance, and helps his clients to maximize their ability to respond and thrive out of crisis. He also coaches and mentors individual consultants and insurance professionals to help them achieve greater success in their careers.

For more information, contact Dan Weedin at (360) 271-1592; (360) 824-8100 (fax); or Please also visit our website.

Breaking News – Dan Weedin in Million Dollar Consulting Hall of Fame

I am very humbled and honored to have been announced as a 2012 inductee of the Alan Weiss Million Dollar Consulting Hall of Fame. Alan made the announcement at the Mentor Summit at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in San Francisco this morning. A more descriptive press release will follow when I return. I join an amazing group of world class consultants who share this honor, and I am truly appreciative.

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Wisdom from Alan Weiss

with Alan in Providence earlier this year

Alan Weiss is the author of Million Dollar Consulting® and is the foremost authority on solo practitioner consulting. He’s also a really smart guy and my mentor! I follow his weekly memo that gets sent out on Mondays. Yesterday’s was really good and I want to share it with you…

This week’s focus point: No matter what your politics, the first Presidential debate showed that the camera is always on you; preparation is vital; energy is essential; rules are almost always broken at some point; and this is an age of instantaneous communication and viral opinion. What does that mean for us? Be careful about your non-verbal behavior, stay in the moment, frequently express interest, be physically and emotionally fit, and manage the messages you need to send. If you want to stand out in a crowd, you had better plan to look good while you’re standing there.
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A great lesson for all of us in business and life…

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