Unleashed Case Study #3 – Can You Make the Chair Turn?


I enjoy watching NBC’s The Voice on television. I like it better than American Idol for several reasons (including that they boast my Colombian paisana, Shakira as a judge, but I digress)….

The four judges (also including Adam Levine, Usher, and Blake Shelton) listen to just the voice of the singer in the blind trials. That singer can only impress with their voice. Their looks, their dress, their dance skills, won’t help them. Just their voice. The judges that want to coach them then turn their chairs around within the 90 seconds allotted. If there is more than one, they “fight” to influence the singer to choose them as a coach.

Two important things that you need to know based on this show becasue it can make you better in whatever profession you are in…

1. These singers get 90 seconds to make a BIG impression. That’s it, that’s all. They need to be supremely influential and an object of interest with their most powerful gift (or “value”). Think about your business. You also need to be influential and become an object of interest to your audience quickly. While you may have more than 90 seconds, you don’t have long to engage and capture their attention. Whether you’re speaking publicly to a large group or having a first meeting with a prospective client, your “voice” needs to be more than just heard in those first few minutes. You need to turn a chair.

2. Coaches often duke it out in trying to influence a young artist to choose them as the coach. Even though much of it is based in good humor, there is always a strong plea based on the talents and how they align with a coach. If I was an aspiring country artist, why wouldn’t I choose Blake Shelton? If I was a young R&B artist, Usher would make the most sense. Shakira is skilled in not only music, but choreography and building a global base. Adam Levine would attract the eclectic and rock side. From whom do you seek advice from? Is it from people that are where you currently are (peers), or is it from people that have achieved what you want to achieve and can quickly guide you there? Mastermind groups are fine for what they are – accountability and support. Everyone needs a “coach” that will take them to their desired state rapidly. That’s what these young artists on The Voice want, and that’s what these judges deliver.

Look, if you want to accelerate your ability to be influential and grow your business, you’d better get really good at the first 90 seconds. The best way to do that is to get coaching from someone that can help you maximize your talent.

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Affordable Health Care Act Woes

The Affordable Health Care Act (aka ObamaCare) is wreaking havoc on small businesses, and especially solo practitioners. Here is an excellent video on the issue by Seattle-based NBC affiliate KING TV.

Here is the problem…

Insurance companies are making changes to their current programs to react to ObamaCare in January of 2014. They are ditching plans and programs they had in place, which were perfectly fine for many. Now those policies will not be around anymore, throwing thousands of people into a quandary of what to do. The options are bad – higher premiums, higher deductibles, and less coverage.

Health care has small business owners and entrepreneurs scrambling. The end of the year is coming up quickly and many problems need to be resolved. Unfortunately, too many politicians are using health care in a tug of war with you in the middle. The best thing you can do is continue to stay informed and keep your options open. Stay tuned and hang on!

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Olympics Coverage and Communicating

A few general items from two days of the Olympics compliments of NBC.  I call it “Orchids and Onions.” I think you will figure out which one is which…

Onions – Bob Costas is terrible.  NBC should have given the job to Al Michaels.  Michaels is the consummate professional journalist and would give more credibility to the broadcast.  Gone are the days when ABC’s Jim McKay was the dominant television sports anchor.  Why is Costas terrible?  I don’t hear him ever offer anything of value.  He and Matt Lauer were equally horrid on the opening ceremonies – spending way too much time at the end cogitating over the failed mechanism.

Onions – I hated the decision to show the actual footage of the young Georgian luger who lost his life in the training accident. Yes, I get it.  It’s about ratings, reporting the news, using technology that you have, pictures tell a thousand words, blah, blah, blah.  My first thought when I heard about the tragedy was that I have a daughter that age.  I was literally sick for his parents, his coaches, and his teammates.  I watch people die on television and the movies all the time. It’s not real.  I had no interest in watching a young man die in front of my eyes.  I believe more tact and sensitivity was needed.  Note – You Tube refused to show it at least initially. I don’t know if that’s changed, but that was a judicious move.

Orchids – Cris Collingsworth is good.  He is charismatic, asks good questions, obviously has done his homework, and offers provocative commentary.

Orchids – Mary Carillo does a nice job with her projects.  Once called “Up Close & Personal” when ABC televised the Games, Carillo also has the dynamic personality to pull off the off the wall, fun “stuff” that adds value.  I enjoyed her piece about running a leg of the torch run across Canada.

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