Extra Points: Tip of the Ball

Dan Weedin Unleashed-40This Week’s Focus Point: Tip of the Ball

I recently watched a documentary on Pro Football Hall of Fame wide receiver, Steve Largent. Largent is one of my all-time favorites and I enjoyed learning more about him. One thing that caught my attention was how he used a lesson from skeet shooting to become a better pass catcher. He recalled being taught to aim at the tip of the skeet when firing because you needed the bullet to go where the skeet was going, not where it was. Largent took that concept to the football field. Instead of keeping his eyes on the ball, he focused on the tip of the ball. In other words, where the ball was going rather than where it was.

Where are you going in 2016?

You can use this same concept in your own business and life. Your focus today – your daily activities, behavior, and mindset – should be on what you want to do one year from now. What kind of clients do you want to have? What new skills do you want to gain? How will your employees and company culture be better?

Bottom line – if your focus is on the ball (what you’re doing today) then you will miss the target a year from now. Life is too volatile. You must be intentional in your goals by doing the things today to achieve what you desire in 12 months. Be bold, be nimble, and be focused on the tip of the ball.

Quote of the Week:
“That which is not good for the bee-hive cannot be good for the bees.”
~ Marcus Aurelius (famed Roman soldier)

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Extra Points – Running to Empty

14_02_DanCapJackRetouch_001This week’s focus point…Running to Empty

This weekend was quite uncommon. On Friday, I attended the funeral of a dear friend who passed away at 86 years old. A day later, I was at a celebration for a young lady turning 100 years old. As I keep nearing a milestone birthday at the end of this year, these events give me reason to pause and reflect on my life.Saturday night, I was watching the Pro Football Hall of Fame induction ceremony to cheer on from a distance a great Seattle Seahawk, Walter Jones. Just prior to Big Walt’s speech, another inductee gave a rousing oratory, which caught my attention based on the previous 48 hours. Aeneas Williams said that the greatest wealth in the world was not in Fort Knox, or in a bank. It was in a graveyard. The hundreds of people buried their that left the world with “gas in the tank.” He exclaimed that the goal for each of us should be to leave this world on “empty,” having maximized your life and your talents.

Sound familiar?

Captain Jack and I often extort you through our writings and videos to become “unleashed.” To discard those bonds that hold you within your own yard and maximize your skills and talents. However for me, to hear Mr. Williams tell it in his own way, at that moment, and for where I was, it was moving and powerful.

Bottom line ~ Get unleashed and run to “empty.” We only come around this way once and we have no idea when the ride stops. It makes the most sense to get your money’s worth, right? Start today.
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 This week’s quote –

 Life is never fair, and perhaps it is a good thing for most of us that it is not.”

~ Oscar Wilde


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Steubenville Journal #3

We only really did two things on Saturday, however they were both tremendous.

We started the day by driving 90 minutes up Ohio to Canton to visit the Pro Football Hall of Fame. We spent 5 hours engrossed in this wonderful museum. Even Barb, who enjoys football the least among the four of us, was surprised at how much she enjoyed it. The room where the nearly 260 busts are held is awesome. I can’t really describe the depth of what you feel as you walk through the room admiring the men who made the game of football this country’s modern-day pastime.

The museum was filled with unusual artifacts, exhibits honoring every team, a Super Bowl room, interactive games (Kelli won our play calling game – I came in last), and a room with memorabilia from today. In fact, the shoes Chris Johnson wore against the Seahawks when he broke the 2,000 yard rushing barrier last year were displayed. The cool thing for us was that we were there.

After the HOF, we spent the evening in Pittsburgh with Barb’s cousin and her husband. Barb had never met her in person, so this was a great evening. It turns out they have a lot in common and we all became quick friends. They live in a beautiful house built in the mid-1800’s, which, just like our morning excursion, gave us a taste of history.

Overall, a terrific day. Check out the pictures below…

Doing the Heisman pose with the girls

With the bust of “The King,” former Husky Hugh McElhenny

My first football hero was Larry Csonka – his jersey next to Lynn Swann’s