Libby & Dan Redux: Episode 3 – More Value Based Fees

Dan Weedin waxing poetic on the importance of finding out objectives of your prospect in determining fees. From the work and brain of Libby and Dan’s mentor, Alan Weiss. Alan is the author of Million Dollar Consulting and 40+ other books, including several on Value Based fees.

The NW Master Mentor events are uplifting, entertaining and enlightening. The knowledge and information that I have learned is priceless. Libby and Dan’s presentation hit home with me in a very personal and introspective way. It was an excellent workshop all the way around, and I can’t wait for the next one.
Tess Wong – Seattle

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Libby & Dan Redux: Episode 1 – Value Based Fees


Dan Weedin talking Value based Fees at the Libby & Dan event on June 21st. The topic comes from the works and brains of Alan Weiss. Libby and Dan are Master Mentors for Alan.

If you are in the professional service business, especially as a consultant, coach, or speaker, watch this (and the remaining series). Hourly billing is bad for your clients and you. Find out why…


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Libby & Dan – Taking It to the Next Level – June 21st in Seattle

Join us for this workshop to help you accelerate growth in your business. Main topics include:

  • Value-based fees
  • Improving self-confidence
  • Life balance techniques
  • Leveraging social media, and
  • Building strong relationships.
  • Plus, we throw in lunch!

All for the small investment of $99. Don’t miss it! Register today!

P.S. Okay…I learned a lesson about video and the iPad!

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Extra Points – Preparation


Last week, Barb and I spent 4 days and 3 nights in New York City. On Tuesday, it was the Occupy Movement Day to protest whatever it is they are protesting. The participants of Occupy New York gathered in Bryant Park next to the Bank of America. It was a beautiful day, so we decided to take in the park and watch the “festivities.” Although, sirens were constantly going, the march and protesting was all peaceful. Nobody got out of line.

When we got back to our hotel, we were shocked and dismayed to see Seattle was in disarray. Protesters were breaking glass on cars, throwing bricks through storefronts, and basically creating havoc and mayhem. It dawned on me that I was safer in New York than in Seattle!

New York is the safest big city in the world. Even before 9/11, they have been prepared for insurgency and terrorism; riots and unrest; and everything in between. This May Day event was small potatoes for a group that is prepared, focused, and committed to keeping people safe. Seattle and other cities can learn a few things.

So can all of us in business. Being unprepared is negligent. Not knowing how to respond to an objection in a sales call; not having your technology prepared and tested prior to a speech; and not being ready to deliver orders when you marketed for just that eventuality is bad business. Run your business more like New York runs their police team – be prepared, be be focused, and be committed.

This week’s quote – “My interest is in the future because I’m going to spend the rest of my life there.”  Charles Kettering

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Fierce Converations

Just got done reading a very fine book…

Fierce Conversations is a book by Susan Scott, who is also from the Seattle area. I was given the book by my colleague, Dave Shapiro and I read it during my trip back East.

Fierce Conversations offers great insights and strategies into having important and often challenging conversations in both your professional and personal life. What I liked most is that Ms. Scott offers specific templates that can be used for any situation to craft the opening dialogue. If you are a leader in your business or organization (both for and non-profit), or if you’d simply like to enhance your family conversations, this is a terrific read.

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Another Rave Review on Libby & Dan

I always like getting good news, and happy clients are always good news!

Mark Walters, a terrific value-based attorney who attended last week, had this to say about his experience….

Lawyers like me attend continuing legal education courses to stay on top of the law and legal trends.  I attend business training workshops to sharpen my  business skills and knowledge.  This helps me stay strong as a trusted adviser to my clients, and it helps me grow my business.  This was a fantastic workshop and everyone took away far more value than the cost of admission.  I won’t miss Dan and Libby’s next event.  

Thanks, Mark! The next Libby & Dan session is scheduled for June 21st in Seattle. Registration details are forthcoming. Stay tuned!

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Press Release – Libby & Dan



The Consultant Mentors of the Northwest Kick of 2012 for Business Leaders

Seattle-area consultants hold first collaborative event

Poulsbo, WA (February 20, 2012) – Dan Weedin and Libby Wagner held their inaugural event titled, “Libby & Dan,” at the Washington Athletic Club in downtown Seattle on February 15th. The event was attended by 24 consultants, executive coaches, and business professionals from around the Greater Seattle area.

The full-day workshop was aimed at helping business leaders to accelerate their professional growth. Topics included visioning, marketing gravity, value proposition, branding, and best practices. Diane Zakrajsek from Seattle said, “The information and your expertise was priceless!” David Dallaire from Bellevue said the workshop was a “home run!” Earl Bell from Seattle called the event, “Simply awesome!”
The next workshop will be held at the Washington Athletic Club on June 21st. Registration information will be announced soon.
Dan Weedin and Libby Wagner have been personally trained by Dr. Alan Weiss as Master Mentors in his global consulting community. They are two of only 35 consultants in the world so accredited. Dr. Weiss is the author of Million Dollar Consulting, The Consultants Bible, and over 35 other business and consulting books.

For more information, contact Dan Weedin at (360) 271-1592; (360) 824-8100 (fax); or Please also visit our website at

Twitter – #LibbyDan


Libby and Dan
Libby Wagner

Seattle Chamber of Commerce appearance

If you are in the Seattle-area, please come join me on Wednesday, February 11th from noon to 1:30 at Rainier Square Plaza.  I’m the featured speaker for the Greater Seattle Chamber of Commerce’s Focus On series.  This one is titled Focus On: Presentation Skills.

Here is the promotional piece from the Chamber office:

In business, speaking isn’t optional: Transform your presentation skills to be a powerful tool in your business arsenal. Every sales presentation or networking function is a missed or captured opportunity. Those that have exemplary skills in communicating and presenting themselves and their company generally win.

Are your presentation skills keeping you from closing more sales and making more money? Does speaking in front of a large group make you anxious or even scared?

Whether you’re giving a formal presentation, networking at a business function, or having a one-on-one conversation, what you say and how you say it directly impacts your bottom line. Is yours increasing or decreasing every time you speak?

Learn to:
– Connect with any audience, e.g. a sales presentation to a large group
– Improve your PowerPoint presentations so your audience will be on the edge of their seats, not sleeping in them
– Effectively speak extemporaneously, so you can respond to any business question

Focus On: Presentation Skills
Presented by Dan Weedin
Date: Wednesday, February 11
Time: Noon – 1:30 p.m.
Place: Rainier Square Conference Center (1333 5th Ave. (inside Rainier Square next to Rock Bottom Brewery), Seattle 98101)
Cost: $20 ($25 after 2/9; lunch provided) Chamber members only
Register: online, or contact Nikki Ross at or 206.389.7338.

I hope you will plan on attending.  Give your business presentation skills a boost and enjoy a great lunch.  Hope to see you there!



Goodbye Tuba Man

Very sad news for the Seattle-area and sports fans.  Tuba Man, the beloved gentleman who serenaded fans coming and going from the Kingdome, Key Arena, Qwest Field, and Safeco Field has died.  He was murdered by a bunch of gang members in downtown Seattle.  What a tragedy.

See the link to the Seattle P-I with a video and story –