Sustainability and Your Untapped Talent Reserve

I attended a very interesting panel discussion this morning on “The Spheres of Sustainability.” The panel was made up of 4 business leaders discussing how they integrated sustainability practices into their companies. The panelists were diverse and brought really valuable information surrounding sustainability of buildings, people, environment, and business practices.

Sustainability is literally defined as “the ability to be supported, upheld, or confirmed.” Sustainability is certainly buzzword for improving our footprint on the environment so it will be “sustained.” It’s important for the health of ourselves and our employees to “sustain” wellness.

All that being said, the discussion got me to thinking about sustainability in a broader scope. How do you “sustain” the talent that resides in your own company? You have a reservoir of skills, strengths, and abilities that reside in your employees (and yourself). How well do you support, uphold, and confirm that talent to squeeze every ounce of goodness out of it?

Sustainability is highly important ideal for our planet and out businesses moving forward. The question I pose to you involves the natural resources living in your people. Some of that talent is being used, but how much of it is left untapped? The bad news is that for many of you, if you don’t help it bubble to the top, that asset will take it’s talent elsewhere.

As you commit to sustainability in your organizational culture, don’t leave out the growth possible to your employees and yourself. This includes skills and development growth in leadership, communication, strategic thinking, time management, and personal self-worth to name a few. The ironic thing is that this opportunity is easier to get to than many other sustainability initiatives. You just have to be intentional about it.

My Unleashed Executive Experience is an open gate waiting for you or some of your key people to run through and gain that sustainability. All the panelists talked about keeping it simple, starting small, and building. That’s exactly what this program does. Click here to learn more about how it might just help you sustain and grow your own organic talent.

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Extra Points – Maxing Out Your House

Maxing Out Your House14_02_DanCapJackRetouch_001

I started a new project this weekend.

Since the girls moved out to go to college a few years ago, and with my dad’s passing and my mom’s transition to memory care, our downstairs basement area has basically become a warehouse. We have one bedroom and two larger social areas that are fully finished, plus an enormous unfinished area. To be honest, it was a disaster. Filled with “stuff” from all our families, it became a place I avoided entering at any cost. Until last year.

Last year was Phase 1. Barb and I cleaned out the unfinished section over the summer. This year, we transitioned to Phase 2 and the inside area. On Saturday, I tackled an old friend that had become dated, and the plan is to turn it into my my man cave (with Barb’s consent, of course). It took almost all day Saturday, yet I made a significant dent, added a few aches to my knees, and gained confidence in what the end result will be.

We had not maximized the value of our house. Many of you aren’t maximizing your own personal “house.” Yourself. We each have the possibility within us to be great; to be exceptional; and to maximize our talents. Like our homes, we often end up sabotaging ourselves with clutter, neglect, and lack of vision. What could you become if you started working on your “house” in phases? What challenges conquered and what dreams would be fulfilled with a “house” that was utilizing all of it’s space and potential? Maybe it’s time to start your own project and begin working toward unleashing your full potential, one phase at a time.

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This week’s quote –

“Have no fear of perfection. You will never reach it 

~ Salvador Dali

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