Shrimp Tank Podcasts


What better way to celebrate Global Entrepreneurship Week than to highlight a whole bunch of excellent ones and their stories?!

You can binge watch all 28 episodes on my You Tube channel. Click here to watch Episodes 1 through 28. Want to listen to the entire podcast for each? I don’t blame you! Go to iTunes and search for Seattle Shrimp Tank (there are other cities so make sure you get ours!), subscribe, and start listening.

Important note: The 29th episode is TODAY at 3 pm PST. Go to our website to listen live with our guest, Ralph Nilssen from eSource Coach.


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Shrimp Tank Podcast: Guest Dave Frederick / The Coffee Oasis

Check out the wrap-up video from this week’s Shrimp Tank with our guest, Dave Frederick from The Coffee Oasis.

Dave talks coffee, entrepreneurship, and the important topic of helping homeless youth in our community. You won’t want to miss it.

Listen to the entire podcast HERE:

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The Shrimp Tank: Michael & Kathy Oskouian on April 5th

The latest episode from The Shrimp Tank. You won’t want to miss husband and wife team Michael & Kathy Oskouian discuss their insurance brokerage model and how to balance business and life.

The video wrap up:

The entire podcast (40 minutes)

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