This is a 5 and a half minute speech I gave as part of a Toastmasters demonstration at my Rotary Club last week. Here is what you can take away from it…

1. Public speaking can not only be effective for your business, but fun for you. You just need to practice, learn techniques and strategies, and gain “Stage Time” (courtesy of my pal, Darren LaCroix).

2. Humor is powerful if used correctly. Humor makes people laugh and listen. It evokes emotion and caring. And, it reduces anxiety and tension. You can effectively use humor in any business presentation, especially if it’s self-deprecating.

3. Record when you speak and put it on your You Tube channel. Get your message out to a broad audience so you can improve the condition of more people.

I hope you enjoy More…

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Experience Weedin project Debuts on Friday with Pubic Speaking

The Experience Weedin Project kicks off on Friday with a one-hour webinar on how to gain new clients and revenue from public speaking. Here is the what you have to look forward to…Bogota 1

January 18thPublic Speaking to Build Your Brand and Grow Your Income


Speaking directly to buyers is the single most effective way to generate new business outside of strong referrals. Think of how dramatic that growth could be if you maximize your talents and speak with tremendous skill! This session will dissect how to be a dynamic speaker; how to properly use slides and other visuals; how to use personal stories and humor effectively; how to get paid to speak; and how to generate business from your audience.

In the agenda:

  • Why speaking should be an integral part of your marketing for any consultant, executive coach, or entrepreneur
  • How to effectively write and practice a speech to inspire an audience
  • Slide Rules: How to turn dull into dynamic with slides
  • Best Practices
  • How to market to gain opportunities
  • Getting paid to speak

If you do any speaking for business – including not for profit executives – you should be on this webinar. This program alone will return your investment on the series. Don’t delay, register TODAY.


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New Video

Many thanks to Matt Biondi from BiondiMedia for creating this new video on my business. Video is a great way to engage your readers of your web site, blog, or other promotional pieces. It doesn’t matter what your industry is, video can be a terrific part of creating a marketing presence and brand.

Check mine out an let me know what you think!

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News Release – Dan Weedin Returns from International Conference

Dan Weedin Speaks at International Conference

Seattle-based consultant presents on occupational health & safety

 Poulsbo, WA (September 13, 2011) – Dan Weedin just returned from a speaking engagement where he presented at the 2011 Occupational Health & Safety Management Summit in Bogota, Colombia. The Summit was held on August 25th at the Hotel Sheraton in Bogota.

America Empresarial hosted the summit. They are an organization that hosts numerous conferences in South America and Mexico on business excellence. This conference brought together 200 business executives from around Colombia to listen to strategies on improving occupational health and safety. Dan’s presentation titled, “Changing the Paradigm Culture” was on converting occupational risk into opportunities for growth and excellence.
Maria Angelica Guzman, the event coordinator stated, ““Dan was not just an excellent speaker in his field –knowledgeable, energetic, inspirational- but also a great partner. He was absolutely committed with all the activities and elements that were part of the event: the logistic, the presentation and speech, the marketing, media and communication activities etc. If you want to have not just a speaker, but also a partner, there is no doubt: You have to contact Dan Weedin.”

Maritza Castro commented that,Dan’s conference session was absolutely interesting, motivating, complete and innovative. I didn’t expect to find myself in the presence of a true leader with excellent command of the stage, skilled with words, and with the ability to make himself so easily understood.”

This is a program that Dan will be bringing to conferences and other groups. The presentation is 90-minutes long, however can be tailored for individual groups, associations, and conferences to go for varying times. The presentation highlights emerging threats as well as opportunities for employers of any size, however it specifically relates to those who have over 100 employees. If you would like more information on how to get Dan for your event, please contact him at (360) 697-1058 or

Extra Points – The Post-Rapture Edition!

This week’s focus point –

Post-Rapture Special – Cliffhangers.

Hello? Hello? Is there anyone else out there?

If you’re reading this, either the rapture didn’t happen “as expected” or you and I are in the throws of a planet upheaval over the next 5 months, if I read the article in the New York Times on Friday correctly. It would certainly figure that the end of the world would come right when the Seattle Mariners are playing great baseball. wouldn’t it?

It would also mean that I would miss out on all the great shows I enjoy watching that have major cliffhangers that just aired and won’t be solved until September. I think the 1980’s iconic series Dallas made cliffhangers a “must” for all serious dramas on television.

In business, you can learn from cliffhangers. A terrific season finale will create curiosity, emotion, suspense, foreboding, and an actual passion to find out what happens. If you’re a speaker on any professional level, you must create that same emotional response to engage your audience and have them focus on you, not their text messages. If you’re in sales, you must know that logic makes people think, and emotion makes people act. Creating curiosity, suspense and passion will more quickly get you the business than spouting out statistics. What can you do in your business to create the same emotions the great television dramas do that keep their audience coming back for more? If you can figure that out, then you have your own hit series!

That is, unless the calculations are a week off and the end of the world is actually next week instead. I think I’ll still keep my golf tee time just in case…

This week’s quote – “If evil be said of thee, and it be true, correct thyself. If it be a lie, laugh at it.”
– Epictetus (Greek sage and stoic philosopher from the 2nd century)

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How Was Your 2010?

Miss West Sound and 2 Miss Washingtons


I just wrote a brief synopsis of my take on looking at the year just gone by on my Monday morning memo titled, Extra Points.

Here is the gist of it. 2010 has been a tough year for many people. I get it. I’ve read the papers, watched the news, and heard the woes of many. However, I think every year has its own challenges, misfortune, and tragedy. How it affects you depends in great measure to your ability to adapt and change; your experience and perspicacity; and sometimes just luck.

Like you, I’ve faced my share of frustrations and challenges. I choose to take a look back at 2010 and offer up all the good things that shaped the year for me…

  • I traveled to San Francisco, Pittsburgh (twice), Las Vegas, and Denver and New York City for the first time.
  • I became accredited as an Alan Weiss Master Mentor.
  • I watched a lovely and moving ceremony as my daughter Mindy had her hands blessed as a junior nursing student at Franciscan University in Steubenville.
  • I started two new regular business columns.
  • I became a community sports blogger for our local paper.
  • I spent my first full year as a school board member.
  • Read terrific books like Tale of Two Cities (Dickens), Flyboys (Bradley), The Art of Racing in the Rain (Stein), and Win Forever (Carroll) to name just a few.
  • I took my youngest daughter Kelli back to school in Pittsburgh so she could continue her academic dreams.
  • Visited the NFL Hall of Fame in Canton, OH
  • I watched Hall of Famer to be Albert Pujols of the St. Louis Cardinals play in Pittsburgh against the Pirates.
  • I was emcee for the Miss West Sound pageant and a judge for the Miss Moses Lake pageant – both out of the Miss American program.
  • I helped to charter a new Sons of the American Revolution chapter in my area (Capt John Paul Jones Chapter in Kitsap County) and became its first Vice-President.
  • I spent the last 6 months in my term as President of the Little Norway Toastmasters Club.
  • I enhanced my relationship with my brother and sisters.
  • Dropped 8 pounds and am fitter and in better health than I’ve been in a long time.
  • Started coaching basketball again as a volunteer at the local high school for the freshman boys team.
  • I learned many new things about both my parents, even after 46 years!
  • We added a new canine companion to our home – Bella.
  • I spent another great year with the love of my life, Barb. We live in a great part of the world in the greatest country (my opinion of course) in the world.

There’s more, but I won’t bore you with my details. I encourage you to look back and investigate your own past 12 months. What were your goals for the year? Did you meet them? Did you substitute them for other more important and weighty matters? What lessons have been learned, what new friendships forged, and what opportunities have been taken advantage of?

Look forward to 2011 with great anticipation. I am. My daughter Mindy is scheduled to graduate in May and I will be there with an air horn (or my big mouth) rooting her on. I will celebrate my 25th wedding anniversary with my high school sweetheart. I don’t know what we are going to do yet to celebrate, but I guarantee that I will think of something! I plan on running a re-election (or election – was originally appointed) campaign for the school board. I’m planning a trip to New York for Alan Weiss’s birthday party. I have one more course left to achieve my Certified Risk Manager designation and that will be completed early next year.

I also realize things can happen. My father has been diagnosed with bladder cancer and our plans are fluid based on how he responds to treatment. That will take priority over other issues, but we can’t stop planning our lives. Objectives can be set and goals put forth. Resolutions are big this time of year, but often curtail rather than advance our resolve. My resolution is the same as it always is. To have a positive outlook on life; to be doggedly persevering; to always look to solve problems and find opportunity; and to be the best husband, father, son, friend, and business associate I can be. And finally, to never take myself too seriously, find fun and laughter in life, and to enjoy the gift of each new day.

What about you?

I’d like to offer this blog for anyone who wants to share some of their dreams and aspirations for 2011. It’s always great to share with others, even if you don’t know them. I offer this venue for you.

Thank you for having been a part of my community. Let’s send off 2010 right and welcome in 2011.

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PNC Park in Pittsburgh
NFL Hall of Fame
Bella Weedin


At the Top of the Rock in Manhattan
with my girls in Pittsburgh
with Barb on our 24th anniversary dinner
with Dad and my brother, Les



Laughter is the Best Medicine

As many of you might know, my father has had some serious health issues of late. If you’ve ever gone through it, the result to the rest of the family is a lot of stress and anxiety to deal with. Laughter helps.

Last night at our Toastmasters Christmas Party, we did a white elephant table topics gift exchange. While everyone was terrific, one member, Jim, brought the house down. Jim found a hilarious way to engage everyone and make us all roll with laughter. For me and my wife, this was excellent medicine!

When you find yourself in times of stress and anxiety, find a way to get humor in your day. A funny movie or TV show; a humorous book; or a Toastmasters meeting! Laughter is after all, the best medicine!

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Length Doesn’t Matter

On this day, one hundred and forty-seven years ago, Abraham Lincoln gave a 2 and a half-minute speech that has stood the test of time to be considered arguably the greatest American speech of all time. In Gettysburg, PA, President Lincoln followed a 2 hour speech by Edward Everett. Everett later wrote Lincoln and said, “I should be glad if I could flatter myself that I came as near to the central idea of the occasion in 2 hours as you did in 2 minutes.”

Length doesn’t matter. Words do.

Lincoln understood the moment, gravity, and passion of the situation. Though the war was far from over, Gettysburg was a turning point as the Union repulsed General Lee’s army for the first time. The carnage of the three days of battle was unfathomable. Lincoln’s task was to inspire a country. When he was finished, he sat down thinking the silence around him implied he was a failure. Rather, it was sheer awe.

Lincoln’s legendary speech should be a model for all of us who in business or in life get up to speak. It’s not the length of the speech that matters most. It’s the combination of the right words, at the right time, spoken with great passion that matters most.

Read the “Seven score and seven-year anniversary” blog post with images by the Washington Post.

Note – this is the only known photo of Lincoln at Gettysburg. His speech was so short and he got up and down so fast, that the camera man couldn’t get a better photo! Imagine that happening today.

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Meet the New Dan; Same as the Old Dan

OK. I get it.

Over the past five years in my consulting practice, I’ve tried to develop a “brand” for myself. I have a variety of things that I do, a myriad of expertise to improve the condition of my clients, and a lot of ways to confuse people. Sometimes even me!

Through the help of several friends from my consulting community (Alan Weiss’s tremendous community), I think I’ve finally been able to pull all this together. It actually started when I interviewed Betsy Jordyn last month on igniting talent. It culminated (or maybe I should say continues…) last week with my friend from Portland, Rick Pay. My thanks to both of them.

Here’s the deal. I have “skill” in several areas. However, my talent and passion lie in one thing – leadership. That’s where I’ve always found myself gravitating to. Whether it’s being a director on the school board, serving on non-profit committees, coaching high school basketball, or presiding over a large Rotary Club, leadership has been the spirit that leads me. Hang with me because it gets better…

I believe that there are 4 core areas of leadership that any business, corporation, non-profit, athletic program, or family need. They are:

  1. Communications – The ability to herald your message and influence others to your organization, your clients, your prospects, your family, and the world.
  2. Revenue Generation – The ability to be a “Rainmaker,” or at least hire people who have this talent.
  3. Risk Management – Your first and last line of defense. Protecting your employees, your business, your clients, and your family. I call it, “Protecting your House.”
  4. Life Balance – The ability to enjoy life with your family and friends and rejuvenate your spirit regularly. As my mentor Alan Weiss has always said, “True wealth is discretionary time.”

What you will see from me is everything I always have done – insurance, risk management, communications, public speaking, team-building, life balance, juggling (okay maybe not this – encapsulated into the leadership genre. I believe relationship building is one of my talents. It’s what has made me successful in all the areas of expertise I can help others with. Leveraging your relationships to maximize your success is not only okay, it’s what’s needed in a new economy. You need to go back to building powerful relationships and alliances with the aim of improving the condition and lives of others.

Thanks for hanging with me. This is my bottom line – You will begin to see a consolidation of all things Dan. Hence, my Weedin 360 blog will really make sense. It will take some time and thoughtfulness, so I ask your indulgence as I attempt to make my administrative burden lighter and your ability to gain value from me easier!

So I’m really not changing. I’m just being much more clear on who I am, what I do, and how you can benefit.

Same old Dan…now a newer version!

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