Extra Points – Fuel for Your Life

This week’s focus point…Fuel for Your LifeJack and Dan

I just started using my new Fitbit last week. For those of you unfamiliar with the device, it’s a cool wristband that keeps track of all your fitness wants and needs. It’s Big Brother personified for health! It tracks your steps, calories burned, flights of stairs traversed, and a multitude of other things. You can compete with friends, track your weight loss, and even see who is calling you on the phone. I feel like some weird combination of Jack LaLanne and Dick Tracy!Out of of the information that I receive and track, the one that (to my surprise) has had the most impact is water consumption. I will be the first to confess that I am really bad about drinking enough water. I never tracked it, even though with a pencil and pad of paper, it would have been simple. Now, you throw in some fresh, new gadget that helps me keep tabs on my water intake and I’m all over it. To my dismay, I now really know how poor I’ve been and where I need to improve! (Note: You should be drinking half your weight in ounces of water daily)

Water is literally the fuel for your body. While food consumption will provide the calories and energy, you will suffer immeasurable health problems due to dehydration. It is exacerbated as you age, and some of you might join me in being negligent in keeping fueled.

Just like water is the fuel for our bodies, positive thinking is the fuel for your life. If we don’t give ourselves enough of it, we become dehydrated and can cause major “health” problems and damage in our careers and personal lives. So start drinking more fuel with your thinking – be positive; encourage yourself early and often; avoid perfectionism; trust in yourself; avoid self-limiting language; seek out the good not the negative; quit complaining and explore solutions; and wake up and go to bed every day saying something nice about yourself.

In this season of giving gifts, the very best one you can give yourself is positive self-talk and attitude. It will fuel your career and your life. And after you’re done with yourself, consider “re-gifting” it to others around you!

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This week’s quote –
“Life is far too important a thing ever to talk seriously about.”

 ~ Oscar Wilde

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Welcome to the most powerful and dynamic program I’ve ever created for business owners and executive leaders on unleashing your vast potential and maximizing your own unique talent and that of those around you.

My concept of the “open gate” is that unlike dogs, we as humans often tether ourselves inside our own personal gates and due to our own self-imposed limitations and fears, choose not to risk going through the open gate in front of us. The results include dissatisfaction, low self-esteem, poor leadership, bad morale, inefficiencies, and boredom. Bottom line is you and your business leave money and talent on the table.

Sustainability and Your Untapped Talent Reserve

I attended a very interesting panel discussion this morning on “The Spheres of Sustainability.” The panel was made up of 4 business leaders discussing how they integrated sustainability practices into their companies. The panelists were diverse and brought really valuable information surrounding sustainability of buildings, people, environment, and business practices.

Sustainability is literally defined as “the ability to be supported, upheld, or confirmed.” Sustainability is certainly buzzword for improving our footprint on the environment so it will be “sustained.” It’s important for the health of ourselves and our employees to “sustain” wellness.

All that being said, the discussion got me to thinking about sustainability in a broader scope. How do you “sustain” the talent that resides in your own company? You have a reservoir of skills, strengths, and abilities that reside in your employees (and yourself). How well do you support, uphold, and confirm that talent to squeeze every ounce of goodness out of it?

Sustainability is highly important ideal for our planet and out businesses moving forward. The question I pose to you involves the natural resources living in your people. Some of that talent is being used, but how much of it is left untapped? The bad news is that for many of you, if you don’t help it bubble to the top, that asset will take it’s talent elsewhere.

As you commit to sustainability in your organizational culture, don’t leave out the growth possible to your employees and yourself. This includes skills and development growth in leadership, communication, strategic thinking, time management, and personal self-worth to name a few. The ironic thing is that this opportunity is easier to get to than many other sustainability initiatives. You just have to be intentional about it.

My Unleashed Executive Experience is an open gate waiting for you or some of your key people to run through and gain that sustainability. All the panelists talked about keeping it simple, starting small, and building. That’s exactly what this program does. Click here to learn more about how it might just help you sustain and grow your own organic talent.

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Extra Points ~ Cigars, Donuts, and Forgiveness

14_02_DanCapJackRetouch_001This week’s focus point…Cigars, Donuts, and Forgiveness

I enjoy a cigar and donut every month. Not together, of course; yet this weekend both were enjoyed. I’ve been assured by my doctor that a monthly indulgence of both isn’t going to be detrimental to my health. In fact, they may have a very positive effect to the spirit.

I exercise about 3-4 mornings a week. I used to be avid about it. I’d go 6 days a week and spend hours in the gym. Now I’m pretty happy if I get 45 minutes in. If I miss a day, that’s okay. I will get the next one.

It seems that we live in an ever increasing world of “all or nothing.” I hear from people on diets that require strict regimens with little to no tolerance for flexibility. I know of folks that consider it a personal tragedy if they don’t get in 6 days of exercise every week, to the point of giving up other things. And in so many cases, we humans are more hard and unforgiving of ourselves than we are of friends and family that make mistakes. Heck, I even hear from football fans bemoaning a team’s win because the style points weren’t good enough!

Life is short. Enjoy the ride. We only come around this way once. Every day and it’s experiences are new, so cherish them. Everything in moderation. If you mess up, learn and have a short memory. Don’t try to make up for things undone, just do them next time. Apologize when you make a mistake, forgive others, and forgive yourself. And eat a donut every once in awhile just for good measure without regret.

The filling of the donut and of your life are worth it.

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This week’s quote –

I never smoke in excess. That is I only smoke one cigar at a time.”

~ Mark Twain

Unleashed Executive Experience ~ A transformational experience for business owners, executives, and entrepreneurs to maximize their talents, skills, and company. The first 3 are registered! What do they know that you don’t? Check it out and learn more!

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First Members of Unleashed Executive Experience!

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I am pleased to announce that the first three members of the Unleashed Executive Experience are “in the house.” These three executives have made the commitment to unleash their own professional and personal growth, and transferring that on to their companies.

The program is detailed fully here.

This is a unique experience meant to transform business owners and executives to maximize the strengths, skills, and talents of themselves and their organizations. If you own a business, are an executive at a company, and want to take your organization to new heights in 2015, I encourage you to join these three initial members in an incredible journey. The best investment you can make is in yourself. Invest in yourself here and unleash your talent!

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NEW ~ Unleashed Executive Experience

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Welcome to the most powerful and dynamic program I’ve ever created for business owners and executive leaders on unleashing your vast potential and maximizing your own unique talent and that of those around you.

My concept of the “open gate” is that unlike dogs, we as humans often tether ourselves inside our own personal gates and due to our own self-imposed limitations and fears, choose not to risk going through the open gate in front of us. The results include dissatisfaction, low self-esteem, poor leadership, bad morale, inefficiencies, and boredom. Bottom line is you and your business leave money and talent on the table.



Here are the Top 10 business results we’ll work on throughout the program:


  • Helping you to become more visionary in your strategic thinking. We will push you out of the gate towards thinking bigger, better, and “badder.” Regardless of your size and industry, you can maximize your value and skills through improved self-confidence, language, and self-discipline.
  • Rapidly improving your communications and influencing skills to better inspire your employees and increase productivity.
  • Enhancing your company’s branding and messaging to reach your audience with greater influence.
  • Arm you with techniques and tactics to accelerate professional development and training results for your managers and staff.
  • Eliminating “Organizational Amnesia,” so that your business won’t suffer with any transitions.
  • Enhancing your ability to effectively use 21st century marketing tools to communicate your message.
  • Positioning your business to be a “destination” organization so you can more effectively recruit new talent.
  • Quickly and easily provide you with strategies and tactics on improving your life and work balance. We will turn you into an expert juggler so you never drop any of those balls!
  • Strengthen your own “muscle memory” through better habits and behaviors that will lead directly to achieving your goals and dreams.
  • Significantly improving your own metrics for success and accountability.
  • Enjoying life more!



This 12-month Program for Entrepreneurs and Executives has been designed to:


I’ve worked with countless small business owners and executives on strategy, communications, leadership, and growth. Out of that work, I’ve designed a program to help you squeeze every bit of talent out of you, your employees, and your company. This will result in a richer and more rewarding life experience for you, your employees, and your valued clients.


Challenge you to abandon the fears and trepidation that holds you back from taking risks and realizing rewards. The result is you enjoy a life free of stress and anxiety while achieving your dreams.
Provide you with a broader, more global perspective of your business. It’s easy to get myopic and constrained. We all need guidance to help us reach our potential. The result is you will maximize your ability to boost revenue and exponentially grow because your worldview has become an open gate!
Enhance your leadership skills as a business owner, entrepreneur, or executive. The result is by being more skilled in communicating and influencing, you will unleash your employees to improve themselves and rapidly improve your business.
Enhanced thought leadership skills. What does this mean? If you’re asking, that’s why you need to be here. Your clients want to work with thought leaders. Find out how to position yourself as one. The result is by being an object of interest, you will generate more opportunities where people seek you out, not the other way around.
Guidance in developing a personally tailored intellectual property game plan (includes publishing and speaking). The result is the more people see your work and value, the more people you will help run through their open gate, and the more personal reward you will achieve.

testimonals 2



Here’s how the Program works:


  • The heart of the program is three live, dynamic and exclusive full-day Unleashed Out of the Yard experiences. These will be streamed live and available to all registrants, however everyone is invited and encouraged to attend. The sessions will all be in the Seattle area in 2015, however we will look to move around in the future. The first session will be held in mid-January.
  • In between these live events, we’ll have four virtual and interactive webinar workshops. The focus will be on a key concept or best practice, sharing experiences, and engaging in valuable Q&A. These are not boring slide shows. You will see me live broadcasting from the palatial studios of Toro Consulting, Incorporated…with Captain Jack at my feet.
  •  Live sessions and webinars will be recorded available to you on a private members only site for unlimited review as long as you are a member.
  • Each month, I’ll send you exclusive material and resources to augment our discussions and prepare you for future ones. These will be available to members only.
  • Dogs run in packs. You’ll go through this program with peers and colleagues, who will become trusted advisors, friends, and partners in your professional and personal growth and development. It’s always more fun to be unleashed and running together.


Program Details


 Day 1 – The Unleashed Mindset (mid-January)


  • How to maximize strengths & talents both for yourself and your team. Self-assessments, exercises, and case studies will guide you through this section.
  • The Invisible Fence Syndrome: How to think bigger, not just for you but also for your entire company.
  • Being the Lead Dog. Leadership skill development and training from influencing to delegating to time and email management skills.
  • How to build and boost even greater self-esteem and self-confidence to eradicate the negative fear that shackles us.
  • Setting expectations and metrics for success in your organization.


 Day 2 – Building the Pack (mid-May)


  • The Holy Grail: Recruiting and hiring better and more talented people to grow your team.
  • Generations in the workplace. How to assure diversity in ideas, concepts, strategies, and tactics.
  • Creating your own dynamic mentoring and accountability programs. This includes turning you into an exceptional “head coach.”
  • Creating a positive and rewarding life-work balance for everyone in your organization.
  • Perpetuation: What’s your exit plan and how will you get paid?


Day 3 – Barking to Be Heard: Marketing & Revenue Generation Strategies (mid-September)

  • The Bark: How to improve your language to become more persuasive.
  • Creating a bone-crunching value proposition that exemplifies how you improve the condition of others.
  • Garage Band to Rock Stars: Building a potent sales team that is based on delivering great value.
  • Social Media and Web sites…marketing for this century.
  • Creating a value mentality within your entire organization.


testimonals 1


Investment Information:


Here is the pricing for a one-year membership for the Private Unleashed Pack, including everything detailed above:

Until September 15: $3,950 per person (a 20% discount)

September 16 – October 15: $4,450 for the first person, $3,950 for each additional person from your company (a 15% discount).

After October 16: $4,950 for your company first registration. All registrants from your organization after the first one are $3,950.

You have two options for payment: in full, or in equal halves 30 days apart. I accept all major credit cards, business checks, and cash flown in my homing pigeon.

OFFICIAL START – January 1, 2015

Bonus for all registrants prior to November 13th

I will host a complimentary 2015 Unleashed Strategy Session to:

  • Debrief on 2014 – The good, the bad, the ugly, and how to finish fast. December is NOT a throw away month!
  • Begin strategizing, goal setting, and creating objectives for 2015
  • Discuss and game plan the most important business issues you are likely to face, including the Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare), Technology, and Regulations.


This is available for all registrants and it will also be recorded.



The Inner Circle: 


I will host a group of no more than 10 people at an exclusive, intimate dinner the night before each of the three workshops at an outstanding Seattle restaurant. Members will enjoy incredible cuisine, drink excellent wine, and have great conversation. There may even be a special cigar bar opportunity for those that enjoy them. It’ll be the same group each dinner, creating a natural “best practices pack.” As an added bonus for this group, I’ll also host private conference calls with you, as a group, approximately one week after each live event to assure implementation and help out with accountability. So consider this wide-open gate – three special dinners, private conversation with me, trusted relationships with your peers, and added accountability with private conference calls with me. The investment? Simply an additional $750. First come, first served.

Please email me directly at dan@danweedin.com, so that you can assure your spot!

Money-Back Guarantee: 

If after the first workshop (mid-January 2015) you are not completely satisfied, you may request your money back, and we will refund it without question. The window is immediately after the first workshop. Not the next day, or the next week or month. If you feel that this program is not for you, just tell Dan after the first session, and your money will be returned.



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