Weedin Unleashed Changes

JackWeedin Unleashed has been a weekly live event through a Google Hangouts platform that I’ve run for over a year now. I’ve appreciated the support and attendance of many of you. After 62 live events, I’ve decided to make a slight change to the format.

As much as I enjoyed the “live” aspect of it, committing to a weekly day and time became a bit of a challenge. One of my 2016 strategic initiatives is to be more efficient in delivering my work both in writing and video. To that end, Weedin Unleashed will have a new look.

Starting in January, I will be recording videos with the same title that will be more pithy (about 2 minutes), more focused, and as accessible as before. My topics will be the same…concepts, strategies and best practices to help you improve professional performance and thrive personally. I am always seeking new ideas from you, so please continue to send your suggestions for topics.

I haven’t set a start date yet. That is one of my tasks to complete this week! You can expect to hear back from me on this very soon.

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Weedin Unleashed Date Change for Today

Just putting my Extra Points message to use today…

I need to re-schedule my normal Weedin Unleashed for today. It will now be on Wednesday just for this week. I hope you will plan on joining me! Sorry for the inconvenience, yet things happen. See you then!

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Weedin Unleashed Video – June 9

For some reason, the “edit” function in You Tube is refusing to trim the beginning of the video. I’ve tried three times and it’s enough…moving on. You can either suffer through the first minute of me getting set up, talking to myself, and checking in with Captain Jack…OR you can just ship ahead to the 1 minute mark. Regardless, enjoy our discussion…

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Weedin Unleashed Video from June 2

Topic is on Team Building and how your “stars” create great teams. Perfect for CEOs, solo practitioners, sales manager, and executives. And you!

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